What Are Vin DiCarlos 3 Questions?

Are you trying to find the 3 questions in The Pandoras Box Dating SystemVin DiCarlo claims that if you know the answers to his “3 questions to read her mind” then you know what any woman is thinking.  He calls Pandoras Box A Mans Guide To The Female Mind and you will learn about the 8 different types of women.  All you need to do is figure out the answers to 3 simple questions.  Everything falls into 3 categories.

Time Line



If you know what a woman wants in each of those areas of her life then you know what she is thinking in various situations.  Vin DiCarlos 3 questions reveal what is most important to a woman in 3 specific areas.

Time Line – Some women plan on dating a lot of men in order to find the one they are compatible with.  Other women are looking  for a man that they can mold into the man of their dreams.  You should not treat them the same!

Sex – Not all women will have sex on the first night, but many of them will.  You need to know how to tell what she is thinking about sex, what turns her on, and what will ruin your chances of getting laid.

Relationship – She already knows what she expects her relationship to be.  She has already set the criteria for what makes a man good boyfriend material in her eyes.  If you don’t know what she thinks a relationship should be you may scare her away!

When you know the answers Vin Dicarlos 3 questions you are in control of where the relationship goes.  You will know everything she thinks about, and you will unlock the secrets of her mind.  Finally Pandoras Box is revealed!

This all sounds simple enough, but unless you know how to discover the answers without sounding like a total jerk, you’ll never get to use the information.  You also need to use the information very carefully because you don’t want women to feel like they are being manipulated because that will make them run away from you faster than a hook and eye patch.  Vin DiCarlo teaches a complete dating system that teaches you everything you need to know about meeting women so you aren’t left guessing what you should say and do next.  Vin Dicarlos 3 questions will help you to understand what a woman is thinking about in the most important areas of her life which is almost like reading her mind.  It’s almost unfair.  Almost.


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