Pandoras Box System Review

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Pandoras box

What is The Pandoras Box System?

The Pandoras Box System is cutting-edge psychology combined with real-world application that will teach you how to read a woman’s mind by asking three simple questions. 

Vin DiCarlo is one of the top PUA trainers in the world and has created a breakthrough system with Pandoras Box.  It is quite simply one of the most comprehensive, complete and precise guides to dating you will ever read.

What makes it so different from all the other Dating Guides on the market?

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Why should you get The Pandoras Box System?

Learn the 3 questions to read her mind

Get the famous profiler quiz

Understand the 8 different types of women

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What’s inside The Pandoras Box System?

You get 11 instructional videos and 12 PDF reports.  The course is designed to teach you how to use cutting edge psychology to read any woman’s mind.

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Who will benefit most from The Pandoras Box System?

Single Men

Men who want to get laid

Men looking for a girlfriend

Men looking for a wife

Men who want to understand their woman better

Women who want to understand women

Women who want to understand this secret advantage that some men have!

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The Good and The Bad


The 8 different types of women are quite accurate.  

Knowing what she is thinking, even in the slightest, can be extremely helpful!

Vin DiCarlo knows how to teach men how to pick up women and learning from him is one of the best ways to master the skills you need to meet the women of your dreams.


The Pandoras Box System is somewhat of an advanced course.  The techniques require that you are not afraid to talk to girls.  Vin does help with proper mind set and confidence, however the program is focused on the advanced methods that create an extreme advantage for an experienced PUA.

The Bottom Line


Anyone looking for a quick fix solution to dating, anyone looking to be told fairy tales, anyone looking for a “magic bullet”, pills, over the counters, hyped up programs should not waste his or her time with The Pandoras Box System.

On the other hand, anyone searching for the truth about dating and who is ready and willing to put in some work and make the lifestyle changes necessary to solve dating problems, will find The Pandoras Box System to be one of the best investments they ever made in their lives.

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What Are Vin DiCarlos 3 Questions?

Are you trying to find the 3 questions in The Pandoras Box Dating SystemVin DiCarlo claims that if you know the answers to his “3 questions to read her mind” then you know what any woman is thinking.  He calls Pandoras Box A Mans Guide To The Female Mind and you will learn about the 8 different types of women.  All you need to do is figure out the answers to 3 simple questions.  Everything falls into 3 categories.

Time Line



If you know what a woman wants in each of those areas of her life then you know what she is thinking in various situations.  Vin DiCarlos 3 questions reveal what is most important to a woman in 3 specific areas.

Time Line – Some women plan on dating a lot of men in order to find the one they are compatible with.  Other women are looking  for a man that they can mold into the man of their dreams.  You should not treat them the same!

Sex – Not all women will have sex on the first night, but many of them will.  You need to know how to tell what she is thinking about sex, what turns her on, and what will ruin your chances of getting laid.

Relationship – She already knows what she expects her relationship to be.  She has already set the criteria for what makes a man good boyfriend material in her eyes.  If you don’t know what she thinks a relationship should be you may scare her away!

When you know the answers Vin Dicarlos 3 questions you are in control of where the relationship goes.  You will know everything she thinks about, and you will unlock the secrets of her mind.  Finally Pandoras Box is revealed!

This all sounds simple enough, but unless you know how to discover the answers without sounding like a total jerk, you’ll never get to use the information.  You also need to use the information very carefully because you don’t want women to feel like they are being manipulated because that will make them run away from you faster than a hook and eye patch.  Vin DiCarlo teaches a complete dating system that teaches you everything you need to know about meeting women so you aren’t left guessing what you should say and do next.  Vin Dicarlos 3 questions will help you to understand what a woman is thinking about in the most important areas of her life which is almost like reading her mind.  It’s almost unfair.  Almost.


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Is The Pandoras Box System A Scam?

A Mans Guide To The Female Mind

The Pandoras Box System makes some pretty big claims like being “A Mans Guide To The Female Mind” and offering “3 Questions To Read Her Mind”.  When something sounds too good to be true it is easy to assume that it is a scam.  Vin DiCarlo claims to be able to read a woman’s mind.  To0 good to be true?  He may not be a fortune teller, but Vin DiCarlo is very good at knowing what a woman is thinking.  Vin Dicarlo has spent countless hours conducting research, studying the results and refining the skills of the pick-up artist in order to become one of the most respected coaches in the business.

Vin DiCarlo teaches men to understand the answers to three very important questions in order to understand the women they meet.  By know the answers to these questions a man is supposed to know what a woman is thinking most of the time.  It may not quite live up to  the “3 questions to read her mind” billing but knowing what she is thinking most of the time will make a huge difference.  If you know what she is thinking you can know how to turn her on.  If you know how to turn her on, you can get what you want.

The Pandoras Box System comes with 11 videos and 12 PDF reports that will teach you all of the skills you need to use the 3 questions to read a woman’s mind.  This system will also help you to learn many of the basic skills that you need to meet and pick-up women.  Vin teaches valuable skills learned from years as a pick-up artist. All of Vin DiCarlos programs focus on confidence and this is no exception.  You will learn many techniques for confidence and you will have added confidence because you will have a better idea what the woman is thinking.

This program will help newbies and guys who are shy, but it will be more beneficial to guys who already have some confidence and basic pick-up skills.  Just like any personal improvement or dating guide, the key is to take action.  If you don’t use the skills you learn you won’t get better and you won’t meet the women you desire.  If you never get off your couch and go out and talk to girls then you will probably think that the Pandoras Box System is a scam.

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Who is Vin DiCarlo?

Vin DiCarlo

Vin DiCarlo

Vin DiCarlo is a world renowned dating coach and trainer of professional pick-up artists.  His programs teach a powerful combination of self-confidence, inter-personal success and spiritual growth.  His methods are based on scientific study and countless hours of real life experience and experimentation.  Some of his methods have been controversial but they have proven to be effective.  Because he is known for getting results Vin is one of the highest paid and most sought after dating consultants in the United States.  In the past several years he has helped clients from 32 different countries at fees starting at $12,000 for a one-on-one three day weekend.

Life wasn’t always so glamorous for Vin.  Before he was a well known PUA or pick-up artist he was a shy nervous young boy.  He was so fearful of rejection that he even skipped his high school prom because he was too shy to ask anyone to go with him.   Unfortunately things got even worse and at the very lowest point in his life, he even lived in his van for three years while working as a janitor.

Vin DiCarlo has spent the past seven years inventing new ways to build self confidence and attract beautiful women.  He is constantly testing and refining every single technique personally before he releases it to anyone.  His courses don’t just teach pick-up lines and the the necessary skills for interacting with women, but also dive deeper and aim to help you cultivate a magnetically attractive personality that will allow you to make powerful natural connections with others at will.

Vin is reported to be the first successful East coast professional pick-up artist trainer and is known as the pioneer of natural game which is one of the most popular and most effective styles used in dating guides today.  Vin is one of the only teachers in the dating industry who is acknowledged by well known and respected academic institutions. In fact, Vin was invited to the very prestigious Syracuse University to speak about cognition and attraction as they relate to dating in our modern society.

When asked to comment on his success in 2011, Vin DiCarlo simply said, “My goal is and always has been to empower men from around the world to take control of their lives, and help them develop self-confidence, success with women and success in other areas of their lives, as well. And so far, our mission has been wildly successful.”

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What Is The Pandoras Box System?

Vin DiCarlo claims he can “read any woman’s mind” and immediately know exactly what she’s thinks about him.  He has designed the Pandoras Box System to finally put an end to the rejection and frustration of dating and to help keep guys from getting stuck in “the friend zone”.

By using this system you’ll learn how to quickly decide which of the 8 “types” any woman is so you can aproach her the right way.   Once you learn about the different types you’ll immediately begin to understand the women you’ve known in your life a little better.

When you meet a woman for the first time you will be able to do a one minute mind reading and use the personality quiz so you will know what type of strategy to use with every woman you meet, and you’ll also learn when a woman may not share the same relationship goal as you and therefore be a waste of time.  Some women are looking for a long term relationship and not willing to hook up on the first night under any circumstances, which is great if your looking for a girlfriend, but not so great if you just want to score that night.  If your looking for a hook for a one night stand or you want to become a PUA (“pick-up artist”) you can greatly increase your chances of success by knowing which types of women are open to the idea of sleeping with men they just met and how best to make it happen.

Eight Different Types Of Women

Do you know the 8 different types of women?

Each different type of woman will respond uniquely in specific situations and they will react to different types of flirting in predictable ways.  You need to know the best ways to flirt with different types of women so you are able to escalate the relationship at the appropriate times.   The Pandoras Box System teaches you how to create deeper connections with women and you’ll be able to easily read her body language and quage her interest in you.

You’ll even learn what type of sex she is likely to respond best to so you’ll know exactly how to make sure you both have an incredible experience.  You may be surprised to learn the moves that will turn her on the most!

This system is based on cutting-edge psychology combined with real-world application.

The core system includes;

11 videos

12 PDF’s.

The famous Profiler Quiz

The Pandoras Box System could just be “The Mans Guide To The Female Mind” as it offers to help you learn how to read any woman’s mind and know exactly what to say to get her fully turned on.  If you feel uncomfortable having this type of advantage, then this system is not for you.  If you would like to learn more about how you actually read her mind and know what she is thinking and how you should respond, click here.

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